Deploying an Array of Solutions

We are equipped to deploy virtually every security measure to defend and protect people, property and assets. Create your defense with powerful servers, camera analytics, cyber security, fiber fence patrol, thermal imagery, ground radar and more. Add to this arsenal the ability to transmit data through long range radios and self-healing mesh, and your hardened security layers begin to take shape.

Video Storage Servers

Built on the most secured Linux kernel, our standard servers boast a 35TB RAID5 storage capacity with 800MB/second of throughput – there’s nothing faster. Existing analog systems can easily be integrated with this robust technology.

IP Camera Analytics

Powerful optics, clean megapixel resolution and fast data transfer rates will capture every detail in a mind dazzling display of resolution. Applying the right camera to each application will save cost from over implementation.

Cyber Security

Cyber Intelligence & Security

Complex mathematical algorithms applied to the network establish a baseline for normal network traffic, otherwise known as “Bayesian Recurring Estimation”. Hacking events resulting in breached admin credentials can still be terminated.

Ground Radar & Camera Arrays

Built to military grade specs, ground radar responds to virtual boundaries, “sees” everyone in the field and tracks them upon entry. Add a 2000mm lens to the array and capture what you need at 20 kilometers. Perfect for beyond-perimeter use.


360 Degree Thermal Imaging

The world’s only 360 degree thermal imaging systems to take wide-area surveillance to the next level. It gives early intrusion alert to any type of target, such as: crawling men, small wooden boats, RIBs in heavy sea clutter, UAVs, stealth aircrafts, etc.

Remote Data Transmission

Encrypted point to point, point to multi-point, or self healing mesh networks are all capable on our gig-speed, wireless transmission devices. These devices transmit data up to 24 miles. Connect wind turbines, solar farms, power sub-stations or entire communities.

Command Center Walls

Emergency, Network and Joint Operation Centers (EOC, NOC, JOC) need absolute clarity and real time data for vital group collaboration. Command walls can be integrated with legacy systems and are capable of networked KVM encryption.

Hard Data Protection

Developed to secure sensitive data for corporate, government or military structures where an information breach would ensure crises. Sensitive to subsonic frequencies, fiber listening technology may also be deployed on dark fiber within existing networks or network pipes.


Cyber Security Ethernet Switch

Rapidly increasing attacks on physical security systems and SCADA networks deployed in critical infrastructure facilities make this switch a priority. Protect all 7 network layers against cyber attack vectors manipulated through physical hardware.

Thermal Imaging Devices

More powerful than night vision, thermal cameras see clearly day or night to detect people, vehicles, or anything else that generates heat. Handheld devices available for LE, or larger mounted imagers for fixed security operations.

Unattended Ground Sensors

UGS devices are in-ground sensors that do not require network or power cables… and they sit quietly deployed for up to 6 years. Create virtual perimeters where other sensors are blinded by landscape obstructions.

Fiber Patrol IDS

Cut proof fiber technology for perimeter layers on fences, walls, pipelines, or direct burial. Able to measure the slightest vibrations it becomes impossible to cut or climb a fence undetected. Direct burial can also detect unwanted foot traffic.