Convergence of Physical & Cyber Security

Protection in Depth

Virtually every security application needs a layered approach that will include perimeter, boundary and volumetric protection overlaid with cyber security encryption and hardening.  We are militarily trained and certified, giving you the greatest background and information available.

Whether the application is government, commercial, energy or other critical infrastructure, layered security is vital to the integrity of your surveillance and intelligence platforms. Our experience includes the toughest of environments:

  • Power Grid Transmission and Substation
  • Classified server rooms
  • United States Army & Air Force facilities
  • Arms, Ammunitions and Explosive Devices (AA&E) facilities
  • Joint Command Operations Headquarters
  • Universities and School Districts
  • Commercial & Retail

We have cultivated trusted relationships with industry leading manufacturers to ensure quality and performance at every level.  Furthermore, we will never publish your identity or security solutions on the internet to promote our brand.

End to End Encryption

Encrypted communication and other device hardening features are necessary for cyber security, but it’s vitally important to think beyond hardening.  An unsecured device can be the target of a cyber attack that might affect the entire network. The recent Axis camera vulnerability gave proof to this. We provide:

  • Archive and Failover features to ensure continual operation and fast recovery
  • LDAP Support to manage credentials.
  • FIPS 140-2, Level 2, end-to-end validated encryption
  • Cyber Protection Program – Layers 1-5

Using cryptographic modules on IP security cameras and devices has never been more important.  When government agencies purchase cheap technology, they immediately put themselves at risk for cyber attacks that can turn cameras into miniature botnets to attack other network computers, or exfiltrate critical data.

It is no longer acceptable to expose private or corporate network LANs to vulnerable security solutions.  Local, City, State and Tribal governments must become more aware of combatant schemes against them in order to take necessary action.

Compliant Solutions

Only a handful of manufacturers and system integrators can offer the following compliance guarantees. These compliance standards insure your security solution is as safe as the assets you are protecting.

  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation – Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP v5) Compliant
  • Third Party NERC-CIP V5 (014-2) Verifier
  • Member IEEE Standards for Electronic Systems
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Compliant
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Compliant
  • Federal Information Processing Standards for end to end encryption validation
    • FIPS 201
    • FIPS 197
    • FIPS 140-2

Successfully deploying these solutions for local government, military and Fortune 500 companies equips us to execute appropriate technologies for maximum security, encryption and integrated performance.

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