Surveillance Technologies Deployment

Layered Security

Virtually every security application needs a layered approach that will include volumetric, boundary, perimeter, and beyond-perimeter elements, overlaid with cyber security.  We are militarily trained and certified to deploy this hardened structure.

Whether the application is commercial, transportation, energy, or other critical infrastructure, layered security is vital to the integrity of your surveillance and intelligence platforms.

We have cultivated trusted relationships with industry leading manufacturers to ensure quality and performance at every level.

True Integration

Faster processing, better imaging and smarter analytics are great, but what about the existing platform on which you’ve already spent a fortune and still has functionality?

Our understanding of data protocols and system architecture equips us to merge new and existing technologies to form a unified system. This yields a migration path for growth that often creates scalable expenditures.

Fast, accurate and parsed information gives security operators the ability to make agile and appropriate decisions.

Solution Driven

True solutions are usually more than a simple application of a single technology. Our approach to tiered security, combined with our extensive line card offerings, drives our final product to be substantive.

Successfully deploying these solutions on military sites and Fortune 500 companies throughout the Americas, we know how to craft blended technologies for maximum performance.

Executed by our dedicated project management team, our services are completed on time, on budget and within scope.

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